How to Choose the Best Cream for Dry Skin

How to Choose the Best Cream for Dry Skin

How to Choose the Best Cream for Dry Skin This Winter, Skin Expert Recommended

Serena's body is itching, but not in the physical sense of the word, at least not initially. It's more of an innate warning that ensues before something bad is about to happen. Her mind is sending signals that things are about to go awry, and indeed, they shall.

Every winter, Serena's dry skin brings bouts of endless pain. She washes her hands, and the pain increases. Even typing on her keyboard intensifies the pain tenfold. Breathing harshly, she looks up from her computer screen right at me, and we both know, "It's starting again."

It's easy to dismiss pain we don't personally feel. However, watching your closest friend and confidant stress over a seemingly minimal task like washing hands tends to make you reconsider. I cannot fathom a world in which basic hygiene becomes an active act of torture. Yet, for people with dry skin, as the weather turns cold and harsh, tight, itchy, flaky skin takes shape into their daily nightmare.

First, Choose The Right Moisturizer! 

Before delving into creams and remedies, the first step is to moisturize. Regardless of your skin type, investing in a good moisturizer for harsh seasons is the right decision. The skin barrier protects the cells underneath from damage; however, harsh elements like cold weather, certain soaps, and exfoliating can damage this layer, leaving you with itchy, dry, or even flaky skin if you're unlucky.

A good choice for a hydrating option is the Hygea Botanical Cleanser from Mythology & Me. I find that it hits two birds with one stone because it's not only a cleanser for maintaining your daily hygiene routine but also a moisturizer, thereby protecting the skin barrier. What makes this product the best moisturizer for dry skin is that it keeps the skin hydrated for 72 hours. So, all you have to do is wash your face in the morning, and you’re good to go.

I shouldn't have to say this, but if your skin is dry, avoid rubbing and scrubbing. This cleanser works magic in small doses, and gentle cleansing is enough to take care of makeup and other residues on the skin. Upon application, it covers the skin in a protective layer that helps heal and soothe.

Hygea Botanical Cleanser is an excellent face moisturizer for dry skin. Its ingredients, including Damask Rose Flower, English Lavender Flower, Lemon Balm Flower, True Laurel, and Thyme Flower, are not only harvested sustainably but also hold the prestigious Ecocert Organic certification, making the product uniquely distinguished by its commitment to ethical sourcing and organic standards.

  • Damask Rose Flower: Promotes healthy skin cell growth and treats scarring.
  • English Lavender Flower: Contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm the skin.
  • Lemon Balm Flower: Acts as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, aiding in reducing swelling and redness.
  • True Laurel: This compound promotes healing and works to calm inflamed skin.
  • Thyme Flower: A powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from inflammation.

Now That Moisturizing is Out of the Way, How to Choose the Best Cream for Dry Skin

Before addressing how to choose the best cream for dry skin, let me give you a tip: Instead of seeking a hydrating lotion, you should consider sticking with creams. Keep in mind: while a hydrating lotion may provide temporary moisture, it often contains a high concentration of alcohol and water, which, in turn, can lead to skin dryness.

I understand you're exhausted and eager to indulge in a hot shower, slather on some lotion, and snuggle into your freshly laundered bed sheets. However, my dear, this routine could lead to unfavorable consequences.

Hot showers have the potential to strip moisture and natural oils from your skin, resulting in dryness and itchiness. Even if you don't typically experience dry skin, hot showers can exacerbate conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and excessively dry skin. Moderation is crucial when it comes to hot showers. To prevent dry skin, steer clear of overly prolonged and hot showers, opt for hypoallergenic soaps, detergents, and moisturizers, and treat your skin with care.

Apply moisturizer for dry, aging skin post-shower and stay adequately hydrated throughout the day to maintain skin moisture. Hot showers and baths can inflame the skin, causing redness, itching, and even peeling, akin to a sunburn. 

When you factor in the irritants and chemicals present in your detergents and lotions, it's evident that following this routine might leave you waking up the next morning in a worse condition than the night before.

How Do You Choose the Best Cream for Dry Skin?

For those with dry, sensitive skin or allergies, choosing skincare products and face creams devoid of fragrances and botanicals known to be allergens is crucial. Certain ingredients in skincare products can trigger allergic reactions, even in seemingly natural formulations. Components like fragrance mix, Balsam of Peru, Cinnamal, Lavender, citrus oils, and others should be avoided, as they may exacerbate skin sensitivity. When choosing an anti-aging cream moisturizer, prioritize ingredient scrutiny over the price tag. Skincare products vary widely in cost, and a higher price doesn't necessarily correlate with enhanced effectiveness.

Effective treatment for dry, flaky, or scaly skin involves understanding key moisturizer ingredients. Three essential classes include humectants, which attract and retain moisture; occlusives, forming a protective barrier to prevent water loss; and emollients, smoothing and softening the skin. By considering the composition of these ingredients in a moisturizer, individuals can make informed choices tailored to address specific skin concerns.

The answer to your question “How to choose the best cream for dry skin?” The solution is dermatologist-recommended Mythology & Me's Artemis Eczema Cream. It’s officially certified as non-irritating and non-sensitizing, under the study conditions, done by the GBA Polska – Analytical Laboratories.

Artemis Eczema Cream is not only the best cream for dry skin but also offers a comprehensive solution for individuals struggling with eczema by harnessing the power of thoughtfully selected ingredients. Packed with emollients such as shea butter and glycerin, the cream effectively traps moisture, ensuring long-lasting hydration for the skin.

The inclusion of oils like centaury and immortelle not only shields the skin from potential flare-ups but also highlights the brand's commitment to traditional, natural processing methods. With these oils spending 90 days maturing naturally in their facilities, Artemis adheres to ancestral wisdom, delivering a product that prioritizes healing, soothing, and conditioning properties.

  • Centuary Oil: A centuries-old remedy known for its effectiveness in reducing inflammation.
  • Immortelle Oil: Promotes cell regeneration and possesses wound-healing properties, making it beneficial for skin health.
  • Patchouli Oil: Proven to soothe symptoms of eczema and dermatitis, offering relief from skin irritations.
  • Geranium Oil: A natural antioxidant that enhances skin health and imparts a radiant glow.
  • Shea Butter: An ancient remedy celebrated for its healing properties, particularly in wound care and skin protection.
  • Olive Oil: Acts as a gentle exfoliant, penetrating deep into the skin to provide lasting hydration.
  • Sage Musk Oil: Contains cooling properties that effectively soothe swelling and redness, contributing to overall skin comfort.

Addressing dry skin concerns necessitates a thoughtful approach that involves choosing skincare products wisely. Opting for formulations like Artemis Eczema Cream can make a significant difference. These carefully selected ingredients bring centuries-old remedies, antioxidant properties, and proven soothing effects, offering a comprehensive solution for dry skin. Proper care, including the use of moisturizers, becomes paramount, especially during harsh winter weather. Now that you know how to choose the best cream for dry skin, you can effectively alleviate the discomfort associated with dry skin, ensuring a healthy and hydrated complexion that stands resilient against the challenges of winter.

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